Meet Kara McAllister: Nerdy Chick from THE BOY PROJECT

Hi! Let me introduce you to Kara McAllister, the main character of my book THE BOY PROJECT.  Here’s a little information about her:

  • She’s in 7th grade
  • She has almost all As
  • She loves to read
  • She’s very crafty and can make all kinds of things
  • She creates charts and graphs to help her understand boys

If this hasn’t convinced you that she’s an awesome nerdy chick, check out this cute trailer for the book:

I can totally identify with Kara, I only wish I had had her resolve back when I was in middle school!

4 comments on “Meet Kara McAllister: Nerdy Chick from THE BOY PROJECT

  1. Nancy says:

    I can’t wait to read this and get to know Kara better! She sounds like a girl I would like.

  2. Trish Dale says:

    What an awesome video! And what a GREAT introduction to a movie or television program!! Next step??

  3. Chandy Root says:

    I want to read this book with my 6th grade daughter. What a great way to start a book club with her.

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