Shanna Stanton: Artist and Norm Flouter

I met Shanna Stanton five years ago when I moved to Beaufort SC. I immediately liked her.  Far more stylish than this nerdy chick could ever dream of being, Shanna didn’t seem like a fellow nerdy chick at first. Yet she was. And is! What makes her fit into this category is the way she looks at life. She does what she thinks is right, accepts each person she meets as in individual with something to offer, and doesn’t worry what anyone else thinks. Thus she has a more varied group of friends than anyone I know. She also works hard to make sure her children are both academically and artistically challenged while in school. This is a goal we share, and so we worked on several creative and academic projects together while she was here. Now an artist working from San Diego California, Shanna shares some of her own Nerdy Chick philosophies. Thanks Shanna!

What social norms are you fond of flouting? 

I have never been one to play the role of what is expected by others.  I always felt social norms are controlled by society trying to make everyone have the same social identity to some extent.  I love my individuality and living outside my box 😉 So I would have to say all of them…because I live every day for me not what everyone else thinks I should be. I love being called “artsy” because I know that it is not the social norm;)

If you could give your middle school or high school self one piece of advice, what would it be?

Have confidence in yourself and the insightful gifts that you have been given.  It is fabulous just to be who you are and not worry about how anyone views you.

Tell us about a well-known chick you admire and why you admire her. This can be a fictitious chick!

I love Classic Literature; so I would have to say Jane Eyre.  Her story is one of a nerdy chick that knows her self-worth.  In the end, she finds the most important gift of life is not of fortune, but true love.  Her ability to look past tragedy and find true love is why I admire her so.  She obtained her own happiness by being true to who she was and not what society dictated for her to be.

You love art and fashion, how are these interests enhanced by being a nerdy chick?

Being a nerdy chick gave me the ability to create different pathways to being an artist.  It assisted me in creating networks and avenues for different opportunities in South Carolina and California.  As far as fashion… I just love what I love and honestly could care less if someone did not like my “artsy” flare.  Confidence is the key to success in life.  You have to believe in yourself and when you are a nerdy chick  I think it gives you an edge to a more creative, confident path.  You know how much I love having a “little” flare and can appreciate flare in others.  All my friends have that “flare”; some hide it well and others just flaunt it through artistic expression!  hmmm…I am thinking of Kara McAllister;)

How does your brainpower help you when you approach a canvas with a paintbrush?

When you are an artist there are so many components to creating of your artwork.  It is not just about placing random colors, but yet a more complex thought process of composition and movement.  You have to be able to convey a feeling as if you were writing a novel or a poem.  It should impact the viewer by letting them question your reason for painting the piece.   I have to formulate my artwork from the knowledge that I have learned over the past twenty years and incorporate my artistic vision on a canvas.  When I paint, I am allowed to step outside my box and give a perspective that only I see.

For me brain power is not about whether I know more information than another, it is the fact that I can take the ordinary around me and makes it extraordinary. Brainpower has given me confidence in artistic freedom.  It allows me to pick up my paint brush and realize that with a single stroke of paint I am creating a story for the whole world to interrupt the way in which they want to.

Do you have a favorite hobby? Details please!

Fashion…fashion…fashion!   I love being able to express myself through my own unique look.  Whether it is designing wire jewelry in my studio, picking out wedge heels with that perfect pair of jeans, or creating that perfect look with a makeup palette to go out for the night; I love being able to have that option of color and style !  It is so fabulous being able to express yourself as a creative one of a kind individual!

To find out more about Shanna and her art, visit her at

Well, that’s two out of three of nerdy chicks interviewed so far who like fashion. And I happen to know that editor Aimee Friedman loves shoes!  But no pressure fellow nerdy chicks, a lot of us (including myself) like other things better. The thing to remember is it’s all about choice!  If you have time, look at the quotes from Golda Meir. That top one reminds me of Shanna.

4 comments on “Shanna Stanton: Artist and Norm Flouter

  1. Shannon Mullen says:

    Shanna! Great interview. You are always real. You are proof that nerdy chicks rule!

  2. Thank you Shannon;) A great interview is only possible when the right questions are asked. I am blessed to have such amazing, talented friends;)

  3. kamikinard says:

    Thanks for sharing your insights and your art! I don’t know about the questions… still honing them, it’s a young blog!


  4. John Wismont says:

    I admire people who have a passion for art and individuality.
    You are the ones who set the trends and inspire others to do the same.
    keep it going.


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