This Nerdy Chick: 10 Ways to Win

When I started this blog, I said I’d jump in and let you know what is going on with this nerdy chick (a.k.a. me) every now and then. Well, I’ve been doing a lot of interviews. I try to post all of those on my Facebook author page. Click HERE to view.  Book promotion involves more time than I ever imagined. But it feels like things are going well, so I’ll keep on, keeping on. My biggest news for the time being is that Greek rights to The Boy Project were sold by my wonderful agent to Psichogios Editions. This is the same Greek publisher who publishes Diary of a Wimpy Kid, so I am very excited.

There are a couple of ways to win a copy of  The Boy Project or some book bling on the web right now, so I thought it’d be fun to list them here in one place before the contests are over. Check out these sites:

I Am A Reader, Not A Writer

This site offers a chance or multiple chances to win a hardback copy of The Boy Project. It also includes an interview! Contest ends Feb. 22, 2012

Click here: I AM A READER NOT A WRITER for details!

Over at KRAZY BOOK LADY  there is another chance to win a hardback copy of The Boy Project. It also includes a book review and a guest post by me! Contest ends Feb. 25. Check it out HERE.

YABOOKSCENTRAL is offering a chance to win book bling from The Boy Project, and other debut novels, and some advanced reading copies of forthcoming books too! This contest ends March 1, 2012.

(11:42 pm, and we’ve already got 7 for the below giveaway. I’ll do another one soon… probably on my FB page next time, but who knows. Thanks for all who commented. 🙂 )

Finally, you can win right here. I put together 7 friend packs of The Boy Project book bling. Each set includes:

5 tatoos 


5 bracelets

So if you have a tween/teen reader in your household, or you are a tween/teen reader or you’re a teacher and librarian who has students who would like these, or if you just want them…. all you have to do is be one of the first 7 people to comment below and I will mail the friend pack to you. Couldn’t be easier!  Contest open to US, Canada, and Europe. One per household please!

I hope to have more interesting things to share with you soon. Thanks for reading! I feel really lucky to have been able to interview so many great nerdy chicks!


18 comments on “This Nerdy Chick: 10 Ways to Win

  1. Diane Chandler says:

    My daugher read your book and loved it! Nancy Kennedy told us about it and she has it on her Kindle. She’s in the 5th grade and truly enjoyed it!

  2. Kathryn says:

    I would be eternally grateful if I were to get one of those packets! My younger sister would love me forever!

  3. Lauren ELizabeth says:

    Can’t believe no one has commented can’t believe I”M commenting I’m 15 for Christ’s sake. o well.. TELL YOUR SON LAUREN ELIZABETH SAYS HI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Pebbles Cloninger says:

    I gave the book to my 12 year old niece for Christmas. She read it and enjoyed it and is currently working on a book report about it for her English class at school. She was really excited when she saw it for sale at her school’s Scholastic Book Fair and told her English teacher that she had already read it (and that her aunt knew the author.) She would love some bling!

  5. My girls both loved the book – and the bracelets – way too much to share them!!!! I know some friends who would love to have some too!

  6. Kristy Kelnhofer says:

    Kami – I’ve been trying to post this for 2 hours while traveling home from Bri’s basketball game in Sumter!!! My iPad just wouldn’t do it!! LOL! Girls…do I know about girls, or what??? LOL! Hope to see you soon!!

  7. wow my sister would really love some swag, especially the tattoos : ) and to be honest i wouldn’t mind one of those bracelets either!

  8. kamikinard says:

    Thank you everyone who commented. I will need your addresses to mail you the loot. You can email them to me at kamikinard AT juno DOT com. Also, I will try to send you all an email. Kristy, sorry it took you so long to get through. Pebbles, please tell your niece she can feel free to ask me questions via email for her book report if she wants (she may have a format that won’t allow this). Lauren, J says hi back!

    Thank you all for your comments! Congrats to the 7 of you! This particular contest is over! 🙂

  9. Mirka Breen says:

    Hadn’t occurred to me you can be a chick AND nerdy. (Maybe I was once one of those. I think only the nerdy is left.)
    Your blog is a lot of cute fun.

    • kamikinard says:

      Well, being nerdy isn’t the stigma it used to be. Thank goodness for enlightenment! So of course you can be a chick and nerdy! Thanks for the compliment!

  10. Margie M. says:

    this giveaway is just awesome!! good luck everyone! 🙂

    • kamikinard says:

      Thanks Margie. You are the 9th person, so you’ll have to try again! Thanks for commenting though, and I will run something like this again either here or on my FB page or both places!

  11. Vanessa says:

    darn! tenth one to reply! well she better hold another contest like this!

  12. kamikinard says:

    Okay ladies, just letting you know that I have all of the addresses, have printed all of the address labels and stuffed the envelopes. Your loot will go into the mail tomorrow! In the meantime, check out the newest giveaway in today’s post… Audrey Vernick’s So You Want to be a Rock Star picture book, book tote and more!

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