The SC Book Festival

It was a kick to see my book along with Nerdy Chick Ame Dyckman’s at the display for the USC Center for Children’s Books and Literacy!

I just got back from the SC Book Festival and I loved being there.  I’ve been attending for many years, but it was a blast to come back as a featured author. The SC Book Festival features authors across many many genres, and I often attend sessions where the presenters write in genres completely different from mine, because that is sometimes where I learn the most.

After teaching a workshop on Friday to a great group of aspiring authors, I had the opportunity to meet and attend presentations with lots of other authors. I thought a one-or-two sentence round-up of what I learned from these successful writers might be entertaining and enlightening.

Ron Rash: When he did a reading, I couldn’t help noticing that he tended to end most sentences with a heavy word, so his prose has a definite rhythm. I wonder if this is intentional, or just something that came naturally to him after years of working as a poet.

Miranda Parker: Shared her road to publication, which included taking an online course from the  Chuck Palahniuk, author of Fight Club, where she was the only female, the only African American, and the only christian in the group. She also told about how her writer’s group collected chapters of her novel and sent them to a publisher without telling her. Their act resulted in a three book deal for Miranda!

Zane: Bestselling author and high-powered publisher Zane entertained us with a great story about hiding her identity from her parents for five years because of the sensuous nature of her books. Her books made her a millionaire long before she quit her day job! When asked what she likes to read most she surprised me by saying, “self-help books.”

Richard Paul Evans:  Super smart and business savvy, Richard was nice enough to share some tips on building an audience with a few of us, one of them being to add a mailing list to our websites. His books are wildly successful, having sold over 15 million copies, so I will be taking that advice!

Amy Carol Reeves: Amy and I were on a panel together! She described how she used her PhD  in nineteenth century literature to craft a book on Jack the Ripper. She also discussed the advantages of  having an agent who is involved in the revision process.

I met many other great people including book sellers, book lovers, and industry professionals.  One thing I took away from the conference, that I hope the aspiring writers did too, was that most of these successful authors mentioned using craft-based books, and taking classes before getting their manuscripts ready for publication. Book festivals like the SC Book Festival are usually free, and a great way to learn from other authors!

This is right before our panel discussion started!


9 comments on “The SC Book Festival

  1. You never stop amazing me:)

  2. Thanks for the round-up! I love hearing the tidbits, especially when I didn’t get to attend. 😦

  3. Sounds similar to the WV Book Festival, which I love to attend. Maybe one of these years, I’ll get to SC.

  4. stephscottil says:

    Very cool sounding experience! I’ve heard from another poet/author that ending a poem on a strong word is part of the craft, that ideally you can gather the intention of the poem by reading just the last words in each sentence. I know zilch about poetry, so not sure if that is standard or what!

    I found your blog from the guest post on Adventures in YA/chidlrens publishing. I’m wondering if you might like to do a guest post on my blog sometime specifically about how you used old diaries as a story idea. I started my blog (A Girl and Her Diary) with intentions to have a diary theme, and have since progressed from that a bit, but the idea of blending that with writing is so interesting! You can of course plug your books as well. 🙂

    • kamikinard says:

      Thanks, it was fun. Sure I can do a guest post for you. I’ll try to contact you via email. Thanks so much for stopping by!

      Kathy, I’d love for you to make it down here sometime! Book festivals are so informative. 🙂

  5. It was a pleasure to meet you, Kami, and thanks so much for spotlighting our panel. I had a blast! Please stay in touch. 🙂

    • kamikinard says:

      Hi Miranda,

      I thought your panel was great. I bought your book too, but haven’t had a chance to read it yet! I’ll be in touch after I do, to try to convince you to appear on Nerdy Chicks Rule. Thanks for stopping by!

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