Rhythm and Rhyme (and Repetition)…

Another presentation conducted by one of the nerdy Chicks at the New England Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI) Conference was Sudipta’s Rhythm, Rhyme and Repetition workshop. For picture book writers near and far, here are some highlights from that talk…

PB3R 1

  • Make sure rhyme is the best way to tell the story
  • When the rhyme works well the story doesn’t read like it rhymes – the lines flow effortlessly
  • Understand rhythm and meter
  • No more than one stanza per page
  • It would be better to plan one stanza per spread
  • Remember that one stanza per page severely limits the length of your story and how much leeway you get to tell it

PB3R 2

PB3R 3

PB3R 3

PB3R 4

The folks who attended Sudipta’s Rhythm, Rhyme and Repetition session got a super-sneaky peek of an upcoming new picture book, but here’s how you can join in their specialness:

Come back on Monday for the




of DUCK, DUCK, MOOSE, a new picture book by Sudipta Bardhan-Quallen and Noah Z. Jones!

One comment on “Rhythm and Rhyme (and Repetition)…

  1. Papa J Funk says:

    I was there. Duck Duck Moose is solid humor!

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