And the WINNER is….

DDM CoverOh, it has been quite a week! So much love flowing from the other reaches of the inter-web to DUCK, DUCK, MOOSE! Here are some of the things you said about the cover:

“I love the title and can’t wait to read it! The expression on the duck in the middle is wonderful. Will you please read it to students at my school?”

“The cover?  Awesome.  Can’t wait for the book!”

“I LOVE that cover!! Can’t wait to see what’s inside! :-)”

“Adorable cover! I’m guessing Moose really, really wants to get noticed, huh? Hilarious!! :)”

(Just so you guys know, you were so free-flowing with your compliments that I might start posting pictures of my hair for you to weigh in on!)

You were so great that I almost didn’t want the contest to end! But, end it must, and last night I put my children to work tallying up all the entries, tweets, likes and comments…our first order of business was to determine how many entries there were, to see if we hit that magic number to give away THREE Virtual Visits.

Drum roll, please.

We did. Wow. I’m so touched.

And, of course, that means we have THREE WINNERS!

The winners have been emailed already, but just so you know I’m not playing you, here they are:

Leah from Bluebonnet Elementary

Sherry from Rossville Consolidated Schools

Jennifer from Campbell/Savona Central School District

Congratulations to these guys, and thank you so much to everyone for participating!

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