Another KidLit Giveaway!

So, I’ve been AWOL for a while — too many things going on in my life, both good and bad. But in honor of The Busy Librarian’s new podcast (which just happens to feature me!), I’ve decided to come back with a new GIVEAWAY!


So, most importantly,

what can you win?

To accommodate our vast range of readers, I want to make sure you can win something you really want. Therefore, the winner will be given a choice of these things:

  • either a free 45-minute Virtual Classroom Visit, where I would be happy to tell your chosen class all about how my books come together, from the initial inspiration to the totally terrific art. (Don’t worry if you’re not a teacher — you can donate the Virtual Visit to any class you choose!)

  • or, a signed copy of PIRATE PRINCESS, personalized to whomever you’d like. PiratePrincess c

I will accept entries until July 30, 2013 and I will draw the winner’s name and announce it on August 1.

Here are the rules for this giveaway:

Required. Fill out the entry form below with your name, your choice of prize, either the school you would like to give the visit to or the name for the personalized book, and your email address (so I can reach you!).

BUT WAIT! You can be entered to win multiple times. You will get an extra entry for doing any of the following:

(1) leave me a comment here with your thoughts on the podcast.

(2) follow me on Twitter – mention that in a comment below.

(3) tweet this post to your own twitter followers and tag me @sudiptabq and the Busy Librarian @MatthewWinner in the tweet.

(4) tweet the podcast to your own twitter followers and tag me @sudiptabq and the Busy Librarian @MatthewWinner in the tweet.

(5) like my author page on Facebook – mention that in a comment below.

(6) follow this blog (right sidebar) and The Busy Librarian’s blog — mention that in a comment below.

or (7) like fellow blogger Kami Kinard’s Facebook author page – mention that in a comment below.

That’s EIGHT ways to enter and win, folks!



13 comments on “Another KidLit Giveaway!

  1. Janet Browning says:

    I didn’t know you had a Facebook author page. I ‘liked’ it immediately.

  2. I listened to the whole podcast last night (and emailed you after going to your website after). It was great to get your perspective on so many author perspectives. I can’t wait to read some of your books and wish you luck on all your upcoming releases (and there are lots!).
    I am doing all the 8 ways to enter your giveaway!

  3. Delilah says:

    I’m following you on Twitter!

  4. laurimeyers says:

    I followed you on twitter, liked your facebook page, like Kami’s facebook page, already following your blog and following the busy librarian’s now too. Now I think I’ll go write 500 words…

  5. You KNOW you are only made even more awesome for this, right?! You set the bar high for any authors-to-come on Let’s Get Busy and that is a very, very good thing! Here’s to thousands of likes, bandwidth-crashing numbers of downloads, and legions of new fans. Glad to be a small part of all of it. You are an amazing person.

  6. […] If you haven’t already, please remember to check out The Busy Librarian’s podcast featuring ME and enter the newest Nerdy Chicks GIVEAWAY! […]

  7. Jennifer Hales says:

    “Liked” your FB page!

  8. Margo Jantzi says:

    Just liked your facebook page. 😉

  9. Sherry says:

    I loved the podcast! It’s difficult not to enjoy talking with Matthew! I could tell you guys have lots of fun interacting!

  10. Sherry says:

    I follow you on Facebook and Matthew’s blog and Kami’s…and follow you in Twitter too! 🙂 Off to tweet my last entries! (Librarians have lots of classes to share virtual visits with…!)

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