We have a WINNER!

WRAD 3Another NerdyChicksRule.com Giveaway has come to an end, and it is time to announce the winner:

Congratulations to Margaret from Laurene Edmondson Elementary School!

For all of you who entered and who listened to the podcast, thank you so much. Are you feeling blue because you didn’t win? DON’T FRET! We will have more giveaways soon! (Perhaps to kick off the new school year?) In fact, leave us a comment about what you’d like to win — we’ll see if the Nerdy Chicks can make your dreams come true!

One comment on “We have a WINNER!

  1. Anna J. Boll says:

    And if you didn’t win, but would like to schedule a Skype or IN-PERSON visit with Sudipta, email me (Sudipta’s booking agent) at kidlitbooking@gmail.com

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