Cover Reveal Giveaway Winners



Thank you everyone for all of the cover love!!!  I appreciate all of your entries. The first winner is…

Kathryn Watkins

Yes, I said FIRST winner. This is because I had so many entries from teachers at North Central Middle School, that I’d already told Sudipta I was going to do a virtual visit for them even if they didn’t win. Thank you North Central Middle School! And since Kathryn teaches there, I used the Random Number Generator to select another winner. That winner is

Wesley Sparks

Again, I thank you all! We will be doing another giveaway soon, so keep tuned in!


How the winners were selected: I created a numbered list of people who filled out the form, made comments, and followed the media options listed. Then I went to twitter and added entries for everyone who tweeted about the contest. Once the list was completed, I plugged in the number of entries into the random number generator, and  let it pick the winners.

Congrats Kathryn and Wesley!


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