Are You A Nerd?

Sudipta and I found out we were Google-able as nerds this summer when we were contacted by Huff Post Live for a segment on nerds. We’ll tell you more about that interview that didn’t happen later. For now, I’ll just say that it initiated some entertaining conversations about what it means to be a nerd. Right after that, I found this Geek vs. Nerd Infographic. While I can’t agree with the way everything is shown here, I have to admit that when I got down to the movie category I discovered that this Nerdy Chick is undeniably a nerd.  Not only are the movies in that list some of my favorites, I haven’t seen a single one in the geek category. No, not even Anchorman.

Soon, we’re going to be asking for suggestions for smart women to interview in 2014. If you know a nerd (or a geek) you’d like to see interviewed here, you’ll have a chance to nominate a nerd in December. So which are you, a geek or a nerd? 😉

Geeks vs Nerds


Which are you? Geek or Nerd?


13 comments on “Are You A Nerd?

  1. writersideup says:

    VERY interesting, ladies 🙂 I think I’m more of a nerd! lol

  2. Mishele Smoak says:

    Not so sure about myself, but I definitely married part geek/part nerd!

  3. Based on the movies alone I’m a NERD…;~)

    Fun post!

    Donna L Martin

  4. I have not seen any of these movies, nope I did see Anchorman (dud!), still I think I would be classified a nerd. Was a nerd in high school, probably still a nerd. Thanks for stirring up those horrible high school memories!

  5. kamikinard says:

    Loving the convo in the comment thread! How nerdy is that? It’s better just to embrace nerdiness, since you can’t really escape it. Hey, we nerds like what we like!

  6. writersideup says:

    Kami, did you see the post Tara put up that had the shirt that says “I’m silently correcting your grammar”? 😀 Nerd Pride, baby! lol

  7. kamikinard says:

    Donna, I think you saw the grammar t-shirt on this site! 😉 But Tara did have gifts for writers on hers.

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