Top Ten Nerdy Gifts 2013

It’s the holiday season, time for gift-giving and gift-receiving. You might be wondering,

“What does the nerd in my life want more than anything else?”

Tough question. You can’t just get ANYTHING. You have to take this question as seriously as, well, as your nerdy loved one would.

Here are some suggestions to help you find the optimal solution…

1. Silently Correcting your Grammar T-Shirt


This one basically screams NERDY! In a good way! (Just so you know, CafePress has an entire assortment of Silently Correcting Your Grammar merchandise!)

2. Hardcover Silhouette Earrings

book earrings

Beautiful. Nerdy. Perfect.

3. My Life in Graphs

life in graphs

This one allows the nerd in your life to collect data and carefully quantify her entire life. Who doesn’t want to do that?

4. Talk Nerdy To Me Tote

nerdy tote

This one needs no explanation.

5. Goggles Umbrella


Smart and functional. Love.

6. Style is Elemental Shower Curtain

shower curtain

Why waste a minute when you can be learning about the universe?

7. The Hungry Scientist Handbook by Patrick Buckley

hungry scientist

The cover says “Edible Origami” and “Light Up Lollipops.” Need I say more?

8. Engineer’s Motto Shirts

engineer t shirt

If this feels completely true to you, you are definitely a nerd. If this sounds completely familiar to you, you definitely love a nerd.

9. Organic Microscope Swaddling Blanket

microscope blanket

For the newest nerd in your life, get her off to a great start by emphasizing the right things.

10. Ice Speed Chess Set

chess ice

Is there anything nerdier than chess? A great game for all ages to hone critical thinking skills, competitiveness, and strategy. And the ice angle guarantees speedy play!

Happy shopping, everybody!

6 comments on “Top Ten Nerdy Gifts 2013

  1. writersideup says:

    I REALLY love the first too (grammar t-shirt and book stack earrings), but being pretty involved at, I LOVE the chess set! I think what’s really cool is you don’t know how quickly you have to play since the room temperature dictates it! lol

  2. Mishele Smoak says:

    These are great! I may not always use the correct grammar, but I try, and I definitely silently correct others. And I cannot tell you how much times my engineer/husband has tried to explain to me just what he does for a living. Each time my eyes begin to glaze over and I get that deer in the headlights look!

  3. Mishele Smoak says:

    I want the periodic table shower curtain too!

  4. kamikinard says:

    I hear you, Mishele. Sudipta did a great job picking these out! And, Donna, I’ve seen the chest set advertised with a chef’s torch!

    • writersideup says:

      Yeah, I went to the link and it’s one of the pics! lol I also found a link which had people getting creative with the molds, using them for chocolate, etc., making edible chessboards with pieces on cakes. I just love it! 😀

  5. rnewman504 says:

    The t-shirt is hysterical.

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