Author Corrine Jackson on Strong Female Characters plus a Giveaway!

Corrine Jackson

Today we welcome Young Adult author Corrine Jackson to the blog to talk about strong female characters. Corrine’s second book in her Sense Thieves trilogy, PUSHED, features Remy, a girl with uncanny healing powers  (a synopsis follows Corrine’s post). You can enter to win a copy by leaving the name of your favorite strong female character in a comment below! You can also enter the official blog tour giveaway. Keep reading for details. 🙂

 Corrine’s thoughts on creating strong female characters:

In philosophical terms, human agency is “the capacity of an agent (a person or other entity, human or any living being in general, or soul-consciousness in religion) to act in a world.” The key word there is ACT. In my undergrad literature classes, we spent a lot of time discussing how agency is what separates our heroes from secondary characters. Heroes take action. They are a force to be reckoned with. How much agency did Oedipus Rex have over his fate vs. the oracle predicting the outcome? How much power did Othello exert in the circumstances that led to the murder of his wife Desdemona, or was he merely an instrument for Iago? What we’re really talking about when we talk about human agency is the power to act. And writers know that action is what propels a story forward.

Too often female characters are powerless to make choices that impact their future. Male characters make decisions for them. This female character is waiting around for a male to save her. She is defined by the man in her life, rather than by the choices she is making. She lacks agency. Sometimes this is used as a plot device, until the last moment when she finally saves the world via some magical power.  

Strong female characters, like their male counterparts, will ACT. She will play a role in her fate, and make choices and decisions that push PUSHED bookthe story along. In my Sense Thieves series, Remy has the power to heal people with her touch, but she’s been raised in an abusive household, taught that people inevitably cause pain. That description of her background isn’t what makes her strong. She could be waiting for a hero to save her. But despite her circumstances (maybe because of them), Remy chooses to help people, to save people because nobody saved her. She heals people even though it frequently puts her life at risk and always causes her pain. That choice to act, even when it’s ill-advised (and puts her in a great deal of danger in PUSHED) makes her strong in my book. The decisions don’t have to be good ones, but the character does have to be making choices to drive the story forward. A female character in this role is a strong one, in my opinion.

*Source: Wikipedia

To find out more about the strong female character Corrine created in Remy, check out this synopsis of PUSHED! (Giveaway details follow. )

She didn’t know how far she’d go—until she was pushed.

Remy O’Malley was just learning to harness her uncanny healing power when she discovered the other, darker half of her bloodline. Now she lives trapped between two worlds, uneasy among her fellow Healers—and relentlessly hunted by the Protectors.  Forced to conceal her dual identity, and the presence of her Protector boyfriend Asher Blackwell, Remy encounters a shadow community of Healers who will put her loyalties to the test.

Pushed to the limit, with the lives of those she loves most on the line, Remy must decide whether to choose sides in a centuries-old war—or make the ultimate sacrifice and go to a place from which she may never return…

 Publisher: Kensington/KTeen   ISBN-10: 0758273347


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The Giveaway below is officially over. Entries were numbered and the total number was entered into the Random Number Generator at, which selected Michele. Congratulations Michele!

Giveaway(s)! There are TWO ways to win a copy of PUSHED!

1. Comment on this post with the name of your favorite strong female character. I hope we get a long list because I’d love to make a strong-female pie chart ! Contest ends on midnight February 15 to enter this blog’s giveaway! A winner will be chosen using

2. Enter the official blog tour giveaway here: a Rafflecopter giveaway !

You can enter both giveaways. Yay for strong female characters!

More about PUSHED author Corrine Jackson: Young adult author Corrine Jackson lives in San Francisco and has over ten years experience in marketing. She has bachelor and master degrees in English, and an MFA in Creative Writing from Spalding University. Her novels include If I Lie (Simon Pulse) and the Sense Thieves trilogy (KTeen), comprised of Touched,Pushed, and Ignited (5/27/14). Visit her at or on Twitter at @Cory_Jackson.

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14 comments on “Author Corrine Jackson on Strong Female Characters plus a Giveaway!

  1. rnewman504 says:

    Great interview, Corrine! Not sure about my favorite female character. WIll have to give that one some thought.

  2. An impossible question! So many amazing female characters out there, and in such a range of strengths–kick ass, heart-oriented, intelligent. I’ve long loved Robin McKinley’s Hari, Aerin, and Beauty, but more current heroines like Calpurnia Tate, any of Kiersten White’s, and Lauren Oliver’s Samantha Kingston have inspired me, too. And that’s just off the top of my head–if I reviewed my books list, I’m sure another hundred would easily spring to mind. Isn’t it wonderful that girls today have so many great female characters to learn from? And in particular that the strong girls aren’t only girls acting like boys, but also girls using ALL their strengths–empathy, communication, intelligence, love. Brilliant!

  3. Woah. Definitely jazzed about this interview, eh? Didn’t mean to gush so much! 🙂

  4. Alanna from The Song of the Lioness quartet (Tamora Pierce) – oh heck – all her other female protagonists, too!

  5. Stephanie Scott says:

    Great article; agency explained really well (I hadn’t heard this concept described fully until a writing course I took last year and it really changed my thinking on hero/heroines). I did not know about this book series, so I’m excited to hear more!

  6. Amy Hamilton says:

    Scout Finch,Hermione,

  7. Amy Hamilton says:

    Nancy Drew,

  8. I love love awesome female characters and two of my favorites are actually from television so I hope it still counts. However, even though these are tv shows I feel like the story telling in them is amazing. The first (and my favorite) is Zoe from “FireFly” and my second is Katara from “Avatar the Last Air Bender”. Both these women know how to kick butt!

  9. kamikinard says:

    Yes, Jessie, those are female characters. Thank you all for your ideas. Lots of strong ladies out there!

  10. alicia marie says:

    There are so many good ones, but I think my favorite is still Tally from Scott Westerfeld’s Uglies series 🙂

  11. kamikinard says:

    Thank you all for this awesome list of strong women! And Congratulations to Michele, whose numbered entry was selected via Michele, if you will email me your address, I will pass it on to Corrine, who will mail you a book! Thanks so much. My email is kamikinard at g mail dot com.

    Yay for strong female characters!

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