Nerdy Chicks Rule is a blog celebrating the accomplishments of females who aren’t afraid to use brain power. We feature interviews with cool nerdy chicks, and quotes from cool nerdy chicks.  (Cool nerdy  is not an oxymoron. Nerdy IS cool here at Nerdy Chicks Rule.)  Every now and then in between you’ll get a few words from we bloggers.

This blog was started by children’s author Kami Kinard in January 2012, who soon became overwhelmed with trying to maintain a  great blog and write a second novel. Her close friend and fellow author Sudipta Bardhan-Quallen to joined the blog in August 2012. Hooray! And now, in 2013, we are adding contributing author, Mary Zisk. 🙂 With the addition of new talent will come new features. So check back in soon.

More about Kami Kinard and Sudipta Bardhan-Quallen: Kami and Sudipta have been friends since they met in an airport in Pittsburgh PA. They were both on the way to Highlight’s Chautauqua Writers Workshop. The plane was delayed for two hours. The teenage-looking pilot ate a tuna fish sandwich out of a brown paper sack while they waited. So they were nervous before boarding the very small plane for a bumpy ride over to Chautauqua NY. Well, you know what they say, fear bonds people. So does laughter, and there was plenty of that on the plane too… though it might have to be categorized as nervous laughter. Since then, they’ve enjoyed many hilarious phone conversations, visited each others homes, and attended several other conferences together. The last two times they were at the same conference, they were both presenters.

Kami and Sudipta prepare to drive to the SCBWI NE conference in 2013.

Kami and Sudipta prepare to drive to the SCBWI NE conference in 2013.

For more information about Sudipta and Kami, visit their websites:

http://www.sudipta.com           http://www.kamikinard.com


Contributing Author Mary Zisk

September 2013 brings a new author to the Nerdy Chicks team. We are excited to introduce contributing author Mary Zisk. Mary is a Jersey Girl who art directs a magazine (working with her favorite people—illustrators), and writes and illustrates middle grade novels and picture books. She is the author/illustrator of the picture book, The Best Single Mom in the World: How I Was Adopted (Albert Whitman & Company). Mary and her daughter live with three adopted dogs, two rescued cats, and two birds.


For more information about Mary, visit her website:


15 comments on “About

  1. gullahmama says:

    Hi Kami – I met your daughter today at her middle school. Another amazing and talented Nerdy Chick! Great blog and congratulations on your new book!

    • kamikinard says:

      Thanks! And I am a big fan of your work! Oh how I wanted to buy that painting of the woman with the curved shell behind her head… but it was sold! (The one that was on the cover of Art News!)

  2. RAYNE says:

    um so were can i find the duck tape underwear, like how to make it, i wanna rout for you , and Kara.

    NAME: Rayne(RAIN) Westlynn(WEST-LYNN) LaFrennie (LA-FRIEN-IE)
    AGE: 11

    • kamikinard says:

      Hi Rayne,

      Well, Kara doesn’t actually make duct tape underwear, but she uses an undergarment to create something cool with duct tape. Look on page 202 to see what I mean. Good luck with all of your projects! I hope they work out the way you want them to!

      Kami Kinard 🙂

  3. WritingNerdy says:

    Awesome! I’m glad to find more female nerd bloggers out there! 🙂 I’ll be frequenting your site!

    • kamikinard says:

      Oh yeah, maybe we should start a club. I promise to get by your blog at some point today to check it out!

      • WritingNerdy says:

        It’s still in its infancy, so be gentle! I’m working on another post this morning; hopefully I can take a break from freelance writing several times a week in order to update more regularly! Advice and comments would be much appreciated, btw! 🙂

  4. tiffany says:

    I LOVE THIS! Nerdy Chicks DO rule.

  5. Hey Nerdy Chicks! How are you? Just browsing through blogs. Yours intrigued me! I wish the best of luck in all your blogging endeavors for 2013. Stay nerdy! Intelligence is sexy. Take care. 😉

  6. Awesome nerdy chicks rule is COOL

  7. I married a nerdy chick and never been happier. Love your blog!

  8. orthodoxmom3 says:

    Excellent books and excellent blog!

  9. Valerie Larson-Howard says:

    Hello Nerdy Chicks! I learned about your blog last night while listening to Kami’s fun interview on the Let’s Get Busy podcast. As a fellow kidlit writer (unpublished, but working on it), former band member, and overall nerd, I knew I had to check out your blog. I am also a psychotherapist who works with a lot of young girls, so I am excited to share this great blog with my clients. I love finding ways to help girls feel proud of their unique strengths and differences. Great job!

    • kamikinard says:

      Thanks so much Valerie! I’m thrilled that you listened to the podcast and it led you here. We always hope that girls will find female inspiration on our blog! Thanks for any future shout outs! We really appreciate your comment!

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