MASL 2014

Nasty Bugs CoverHello Wonderful Librarians! Thank you for coming to the MASL presentation on poetry. I am inspired by how many of you are interested in helping your students write poetry!  You can have another look at the slides by downloading the  presentation here. I do ask that you not share this presentation. I put it together so you wouldn’t have to vigorously take notes during the session. 🙂 The copyrighted material has been removed.

MASL Presentation Poetry

By now, you have probably downloaded the handouts put up on the MASL site, but I have included them below as well. One has some useful links so it will be helpful for you to open this electronically.

This handout offers step by step instructions for writing found poetry.

Found Poetry for MASL

And here is a template for writing poetry. This is just to give you an idea of the possibilities. You can create your own template with whatever form you’d like for your students to use. You can also show this as a slide and have students write the lines on notebook paper, of course!

Sample Template for Found Poetry Exercises

If you have additional questions, please put them in the comment section below. If you are interested in bringing me to your school for an author visit or to teach poetry, please email me at

My novels, The Boy Project and The Boy Problem are both middle grade humor novels. Both have math or science curriculum tie-ins. You can find a curriculum guide for The Boy Problem on my website. A curriculum guide for The Boy Project will be available within the next month.

Happy poetry writing!



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