CONTACT by Laurisa White Reyes

There are stages in the life of a book, and we authors celebrate each one.  Today marks one such celebrated stage for Laurisa White Reyes’s upcoming novel, CONTACT.  Her cover is being revealed! We will be interviewing Laurisa, who is also the editor of Middle Shelf Magazine, here in May.  But today, you can get a taste of what her novel is about here, and scroll down to see its fabulous cover.
“It takes only half a second, like those commercials where a crash test dummy rockets forward at high speed and slams into a wall. In that instant every thought in Emma Lynn Walsh’s head collides with mine—every thought, memory, hope, disappointment and dream.
I open my eyes to see Dr. Walsh peering at me, a puzzled expression on her face.
“Let—go—of—me,” I order though clenched teeth.”
 Mira wants to die. She’s attempted suicide twice already and failed. Every time she comes in contact with another person, skin to skin, that person’s psyche uploads into hers. While her psychologist considers this a gift, for Mira it’s a curse from which she cannot escape. 
To make matters worse, Mira’s father is being investigated for the deaths of several volunteer test subjects of the miracle drug Gaudium. Shortly after Mira’s mother starts asking questions, she ends up in a coma. Although her father claims it was an accident, thanks to her “condition” Mira knows the truth, but proving it just might get her killed.
COMING JUNE 23rd 2014…
Contact book
Congrats Laurisa on a great cover!
Psssst – The book trailer for my next book, The Boy Problem, will be revealed on Laurisa’s blog on Monday, March 3. Make sure to pop over there to check it out!

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