Nerdify a Chick

Having a 12 year old girl in the house is awesome for many reasons, one of them being the fun ideas girls have, that adults would never think of. So I have to attribute today’s post to my daughter C. The other day she said, “Mom, there are so many chicks around this time of year, you should buy some and dress them up like nerdy chicks for your blog.”

Ha! For some reason, it was an irresistible idea. I mean, do we ever really outgrow playing dress up?  Anyway, last Saturday when we were running errands, we had the best time looking for chicks. We gathered up an assortment, (or as Julia Child would say: a peep) and nerdified them this Saturday. Here’s the whole peep:

Yes, it looks like we have way too much time on our hands. In fact we just didn’t do stuff we should have been doing while we made little bows, glasses and strings of beads for these chicks!

Then we came up with the idea to make a groovy chick. Here she is:

Then we had to stop, even though we had a bunch of other ideas that you’d probably find equally entertaining. Notice I didn’t try to quantify how entertaining that might be.

When I started this blog, I promised to drop in every now and then and tell you what this nerdy chick has been doing. Well…. now you know! In a week or so, these babies will be on sale in stores everywhere dirt cheap cheap cheap. If this post inspires any of you to buy a chick and dress her up, please send a picture and we’ll add it to the gallery!